Red Cedar Festival of Community Bands 2018

Job Descriptions for Volunteers


Organizational Chart

Volunteer Schedule


Filled Position

Unfilled Position



Carolyn Sherrill, Bob Copeland



Artistic Director

Carolyn Sherrill

Facilities Director

Bob Copeland

Marketing Director

Fundraising Director



Concert Program Editor

Mike Hendricks


Volunteer Manager


Event Supervisor



Food Service Manager

Todd Grunow


Masters of Ceremonies

Mike Hendricks

Mike Morgan

Band Guides


Stage Crew Manager

Terri Ewen

Program Advertising

Charles Chamberlain

Food Service Volunteer


Transport Music Stands from St Gerard




Stage Crew Volunteer

Social Media

Rachel Savage

Melissa Mackey

CD Manager


Return Music Stands to St Gerard

Set-up crew Friday


Auditorium Manager

Adrienne Grunow

Senior/Student Outreach

Apparel Manager

Kate Moss



Restoration Crew Saturday


Clinician CD Manager


Apparel/Souvenir Table Volunteer



High School Volunteers


Signage Manager


Community Business Support Manager



Sigma Alpha Iota Volunteers

Amy Kapp

Kit Assembler

Janet Pendleton


Audience Donation Manager






Souvenir Manager

Kate Moss